SecuoS delivers value chain optimisation for continuous production systems, covering all phases of strategic planning, project development and existing operations. Our risk management processes and risk response optimisation tools had originally been developed by a number of International Oil & Gas Majors as a necessary improvement to traditional ad hoc modelling studies, since 2000. With ARTIS Live, SecuoS makes these technological advances available to all industries, using the ISO asset management standard as the bridge.

The SecuoS Security of Supply studies can be shared between a number of companies in the energy supply chain and aim to optimise the capacity margins of the up- and downstream. These studies have also been applied at country scale for the long term planning of the development of national resources. They take the long term supply commitments as a starting point for establishing win-win opportunities.

Our Availability Assurance program applies to a single company in the value chain and offers an integrated set of processes and tools for establishing and sustaining control over the risks to production availability and ensuring that current and future delivery commitments can be met against minimum cost. With ARTIS Live, we facilitate the development and implementation of an asset management system that meets the ISO 55001 requirements:

Establishing effective organisations, practical supporting processes and efficient engineering systems is key to successful and sustainable delivery. Our studies provide recommendations for developing design improvements for operating facilities in the energy industry. Implementing these availability, reliability and integrity improvements requires a structured approach in order to provide lasting outcomes. Our extensive experience in operational management is a sound basis and catalyst to implement these improvements in a practical and pragmatic way.

Elevator Pitch

Our unique core strength lies in the integrated optimisation and our value proposition rests on three pillars:

Vertical integration guiding the simultaneous optimisation of the whole value chain, including up- and downstream project development.
Knowledge sharing building robust bridges between project development, engineering and operations, using the ARTIS Live application as one of the ISO 55000 asset management plans.
Risk management delivering quantitative and risk-based approaches to internal control that integrate technical integrity with production availability.

SecuoS was launched on 1 November 2010 in Abu Dhabi, during ADIPEC 2010, with a view to bring together the world's top expertise in supply chain optimisation and Availability Assurance and to build a comprehensive and efficient platform for managing the full diversity of security of supply challenges in the oil, gas and utilities industries.

Go... Fight... Win!

Mission We add value by facilitating and improving decision making in project development and operations.
Vision We steer the scientific approach towards asset management: focus on production availability, model risks, optimise responses and monitor performance.
Objective We show the way!

SecuoS BV is registered in The Netherlands.

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